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“It [the Aeromaster Compost Turner] is the best single piece of equipment I have ever purchased.”  

Paul Walker, Professor of Animal Science
Illinois State University

Compost Workshop

Compost Workshop: The Humus Advantage

Whether you’re a farmer or commercial composter, this two and a half day training course will give you the hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge you need to make Humus Compost, the highest quality compost on the market. If you’re a farmer, you will be amazed at how you increase your yields and decrease your fertilizer costs. If you’re a commercial composter, you will learn to make high value, highly marketable compost and you’ll learn how to do it cheaper and faster than your competitors. Length: 3 days Prerequisites: No prerequisites

Upcoming Dates: 
April 19-21, 2017

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Composting, Compost Turners and Humus – The Simple Way To Turn Dirt Into Gold

No farmer I know likes to see all their hard work and their profits disappear into thin air because of rising oil prices, fertilizer prices and uncertain weather. And while there has been a lot of talk about composting, using humus, and organic farming for years – all too many farmers have just ignored it as the latest fad or a bunch of hot air. So why should you care about organic farming, composting and the compost turners needed to create humus? Some people think crops grown with organic fertilizer using organic farming methods taste better or are better for the environment. Which may be. But the most important reason you should care about composting and making humus with compost turners is because you can dramatically cut your costs paying for fertilizer and increase your income. Of course, not every composting methodology will make you money. Which is why here at Midwest Bio Systems we’ve spent years developing the proprietary humus technology you need to turn dirt into gold. Interested in cutting your costs and significantly boosting the income from your land? Discover how much more money you could be making with our humus compost technology, whether you start with our FREE report, attend a compost workshop or contact us directly.




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"If every piece of equipment that I purchased gave me as little trouble as your compost turner, it would be wonderful!"
Drew Norman, One Straw Farm
While Hall, Maryland
"This is no exaggeration. We are picking between 300 and 400 tomatoes every day! And they are big… and full… and beautiful… and the result of much care and the richest compost known to man. Thank you, Midwest Bio-Systems."
Bloomington, IL