Window Covers, Test Kits, Measuring Devices, Accessories

  • Volumetric CO2 kit with 36″ probe

    provides quick reading of carbon dioxide percentages for monitoring activity of microorganisms; also aids in determining maturity.

  • Economical hand-held Digital Thermometer

    with 36″ probe
    (Centigrade and Fahrenheit)

  • Fyrite Refill for Volumetric CO2 Meter

  • Compost Sulfide Test Kit

    Easy to use, onsite test for sulfides in compost. Each kit performs approximately 50 tests.

  • ACS Moisture Guard Compost Windrow Covers

    Available in these sizes:
    • 13.2′ X 328′ (4 X 100 Meter) roll
    • 16.4’ X 328’ (5 X 100 Meter) roll

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