Aeromaster PT-190

Pull-Type Compost Windrow Turner

The Aeromaster PT-190 pull-type compost windrow turner is designed for large compost sites producing over 40,000 tons of finished compost per season. Its innovative design allows the operator to aerate, blend, and add water & inoculants in a single pass.

The rugged PT-190 is built from a simple design using heavy duty components to maximize machine life while minimizing required maintenance. Driveline safety is provided by an auto trip PTO driveline that disengages if it encounters excess stress. When the drive train stops turning, the clutch resets, and turning can restart immediately.

The retractable drum hydraulically lifts out of the windrow in seconds at any time to allow inspection of the windrow inside profile or exit the windrow for any reason. An optional road kit can be installed which allows the turner to be reoriented into an 8 ft tracking position in order to tow the turner down the road to another location.


Hood Construction: 4" x 6"x 5/16" Tube Steel Frame
12 Ga. Sheet Steel
Drum: 13/16" Steel,
192" Long
Tines: (72) Hard-Faced, Bolt-On, Revesible, Abrasion Resistant
Operational Dimensions: Legnth: 15'
Width: 18'6"
Height: 12'6" (Raises to 13'3")

Transport Dimensions: Length: 37'
Width: 8'6"
Height: 9'2"
Machine Weight: 13,000 Lbs
Operational Weight: 13,000 Lbs
Tongue Weight: 4500 lb

Tractor Requirements

Drum Width: 180 PTO HP 180 PTO HP
Minimum Weight: 15,000 lb. (4,010 kg)
Hitch Type: 7,000 lb. (3,200 kg)
PTO: 1,000 RPM 1-3/4" 20-spline
Hydraulics: 3 Sets
Min Ground Speed: 27 fpm (8m/min)


Pull-Type PT-190
Horsepower: 16 ft 18 ft
Row Height: 7.5 ft 6.5 ft
Row Capacity:
(per linear foot)
2.1 yd3 2.1 yd3
Fuel Usage: 9 GPH 20 GPH
Transport Speed: 20 MPH 3 MPH
Cycle Time: 6 Weeks 8 Weeks
Drum Lift Capacity: Yes No
Water Delivery System: Yes No
Soft Surface Operation: Yes No
High Peak Stacking: Yes No
Finished Compost Quality: High Quality Unpredictable
Starting Price: 1/3 the cost of Competitors' SP  

Reliable, Durable, & EfficientAeromaster Compost Turners are designed and built to last for years of rigorous use in the rough environment of a compost operation. With a heavy-duty tube steel construction and reinforcing steel gussets on major stress points, we minimize common failure points and strengthen the overall structure. The optimized design of the turner also reduces the stress on individual components which leads to an incredibly efficient, durable, and long-lasting compost turner!

Requires Less Power - Saving FuelThrough extensive research and years of experience, we have gained a better understanding of material, air, and particle management of the turner's drum. By reducing the drum speed and optimizing the paddle design we have engineered our drums to require less effort to move a greater amount of material in a windrow. Requiring less effort reduces the horsepower requirements of the tractor, saving you fuel, and more importantly money!

Lowest Maintenance & Repair CostsWe engineer our turners to require fewer complex components and wear points, which means there are fewer opportunities for failure. This lessens the chance for breakdowns and repairs, and also minimizes the amount of maintenance required to keep your turner running smoothly. This means you spend more time on the site making compost, and less time in the shop!

Longest, Most Extensive WarrantyAeromaster Compost Turners are backed by the industry's best warranty, covering more components, for longer than anyone else. In the rare event that one of our compost turners fails at any point during the warranty period, you can rest assured that we will stand behind the quality and workmanship of each turner, and make the repairs necessary to keep your operation going.

Lowest Lifetime Ownership CostThanks to the Reliable, Durable, & Efficient design of the Aeromaster Compost Turner, maintenance & repair costs, require less fuel to operate, and are backed by the industry's best warranty, we confidently state that Aeromaster Compost Turners have the lowest lifetime ownership costs compared to anyone else in the industry.

Best Value on the MarketWhen you combine the leading edge support with the lowest operating costs, maintenance, and warranty that Aeromaster provides, you'll agree that Aeromaster Compost turners provide the best value on the market!