What are the benefits of ACS compost to the soil?

As you can image, there are many. As a simple reminder, we like to use the acronym “DIP ‘N’ CHEW”

D isease suppression — ACS compost has a healing effect on plants and a cleansing action on soils.

I ncreases plant yield

P orosity increased in the soil-has more air voids than typical soils.

N utrient retention — magnetic charge from high CEC holds nutrients longer.

C ompaction reduction — it makes soil spongy and enables it to spring back.

H elps reduce dependence on chemicals — promotes healthier plants.

E rosion reduced-disperses the force of raindrops.

W ater retention increased — like a sponge holding water.

Beyond these, high quality compost:

  • Increases soil fertility and soil digestion
  • Increases microbial activity and organic matter content of soil
  • Provides high humus levels
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Alters soil to have a positive effect against insects and pests
  • Improves buffering capacity (neutralizes pH in the soil)
  • Neutralizes harmful compounds
  • Converts and stores excess nutrients in a plant-friendly manner
  • Reduces leaching
  • Infiltration of water is improved

To learn more information about ACS Composting visit our website at http://www.midwestbiosystems.com.

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