CAFO – Dairy


One of the largest problems facing CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) is manure management. The Aeromaster Composting System (ACS) works to reduce and even eliminate this waste stream, helping your operation become more profitable in many more ways than you might expect. Before we go any further, we need to clarify, the Aeromaster Manure Composting is not just another compost bedding system!

By using the carefully structured and controlled ACS management with inoculants, you can turn your biggest liability into one of your biggest assets, and gain better neighbors in the process!


See the Benefits!

On the Farm / In the Barn

  • Reduce Manure Volume by 50-65%
  • Reduce exposure to harmful bacteria
  • ACS Compost as replacement bedding

Benefits for the Cows

  • Increase total milk production
  • Increase butterfat & protein levels
  • Improve feed to milk conversion
  • Better health and immunity for animals
  • Decrease SCC (somatic cell count)
  • Fewer instances of sub-clinical health issues
  • Fewer breed-back issues
  • Improve animal longevity
  • Reduce vet costs and culling

Benefits for the Field & Pasture

  • Increase Yields
  • Increase RVF (Real Feed Value)
  • Increase Plant Density and Weight
  • Reduce Insect Pressure on crops
  • Reduce Fertilizer Costs
  • No delays in grazing as opposed to raw manure spread
  • Soil is better handle adverse conditions of drought and heavy rain
  • Additional benefits of spreading compost vs manure

Benefits for the Community

  • Reduce regulatory pressure
  • Reduce odor issues
  • Reduce risk of environmental damage
  • Improved community support
  • Finished compost as additional revenue stream to community

Benefits for the Farmer

  • Healthier Bank Account
  • Satisfaction of Healthier Soil, Plants, Cows, Milk, and People