Challenges of making humus compost in 2015


The challenges of 2015 has set us back in the volume of humus compost made this year! We are in the process of ratcheting up the number of rows we start as soon we are in the time frame where we like to stop building new windrows and concentrating on finishing before shut down in late November to early December.

Today we rolled this windrow over as you can see by the dampness on the compost site pad. We watch the bottom of the windrow carefully and then roll them over periodically to protect the bottom and also help keep the reactions going stronger within the windrow which means keeping them warmer longer.

It also means we often finish the windrows sooner than if we did not roll them over. The timeframe is shortened by aggressively making sure the breakdown finishes as soon as possible so the humus building or humus protein building process can also finish sooner.


The 2 windrows on the right that are uncovered, have been rolled over a few minutes ago. They were then turned with the compost turner so it is now ready to cover with the compost moisture guard fabric. The cover is amazing in that it really allows us to predict the outcome on quality and timeframe of when it finishes for our planning purposes.

For those unfamiliar which the Aeromaster Composting System (ACS) process, this is a humus production compost site producing Aeromaster Humus Compost. This compost is a bargain at the $205 for screened bulk straight/unblended with minerals. The mineral power package that we blend with the ACS Humus compost is a powerful combination that is second to none!

More thoughts coming later…

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3 Responses to Challenges of making humus compost in 2015

  1. Edwin says:

    The weather has been favorable to the needs that we have had at the compost site. The guys are continuing to work maintaining existing windrows, as well as building more windrows. We recently conducted a workshop and it really was an interesting event as the particpants interacted with our team at going over some troubleshooting activities together. We had some windrows that needed attention so they stay on track for finishing as high quality Humus Compost.

  2. Edwin says:

    The harvest is here! Yesterday we harvested 50 acres of Organic Soybeans which did really well in yields! The reason I mention this is that we are taking some finished Humus Compost, mixing a specific customized blend of minerals for each field and with it will also be blended some oats or various other combination of seeds specifically for each field depending on what crop is gowing to be grown next year.

  3. Abraham Sandquist says:

    As I reflect on the Humus Advantage Workshop I recently attended it is hard to explain how much I enjoyed learning from you, Edwin. This business truly is your calling and I hope to develop a long working relationship with MBS.

    Thank you all,

    Abe Sandquist

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