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The Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction System

Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction System

TE-500 Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction System

Compost Tea Extraction System

TE-250 Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction System

The quality of any compost tea is dependent on the quality and quantity of the compost used. The method of production, however, also impacts the stability and effectiveness of the final tea product. The two most commonly used methods for producing compost tea are tea brewing and tea extraction. The two methods are considerably different as is the potential effectiveness of the product yielded.

Why the Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction System Is Better Than Brewing

Produce more compost tea per hour

Brewing extracts minerals, humus, and microbes in what is typically a 24-hour process that includes time for the microbe population to expand. Brewing equipment is therefore only capable of producing one batch of compost tea each 24 hours. To expand capacity, additional tea brewers must be added.

With either the TE-250 or TE-500 Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction System you can produce extracted compost tea continuously. The TE-250 produces 250 gallon batches while the TE-500 produces 500 gallons batches. When the batch is complete, the spent compost sludge is flushed from the systems. Once a fresh charge of compost is put in the extractor, production of the next batch can begin.

The Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction Systems can produce as many as three batches in an hour or 750 gallons per hour from the TE-250 and 1,500 gallons of high-quality compost tea per hour from the TE-500.

Maintain microbial diversity

Microbial diversity is essential for crop production. Each microbe specie performs a specific function related to the growth and development of the crop. If the environment or the available food source favors one specie over another, the favored specie reproduces faster than the other species and the microbial diversity or balance is compromised, which can adversely affect soil fertility and plant health. The tea brewing process can also upset microbial diversity because the growing environment is water, as opposed to soil or a compost windrow. Some critical species (e.g., fungi) require being in contact with organic matter to reproduce and therefore do not grow well in a turbulent water environment.

With the Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction System the microbial diversity that existed in the compost is preserved. Aeromaster Tea Activators are added to the compost tea just prior to application. The Activators are specific food sources that “wake up” the microbial population causing it to become active and begin rapid reproduction. The active microbes are immediately applied to the crop where they continue to multiply in a natural environment that helps preserve the original microbial diversity.

Extend Useful Life of Compost Tea

The other potential problem with brewing is the very short useful life. Adding a food source at the start of the process to encourage the microbes to multiply causes them to become very active. Being active is good when the microbes are applied to crop leaves; however they consume much more oxygen. The increased oxygen consumption rapidly depletes the oxygen available in the water, causing the microbial population in the compost tea to become dominated by anaerobic species in a short period of time. If the compost tea becomes anaerobic, its effectiveness is limited and may even prove detrimental to the crop.

With the Aeromaster Compost Tea Extraction System, no food sources are added immediately, allowing the inactive microbes to remain inactive, thus conserving oxygen. This extends the useful life of the tea to 10-14 days.
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Extracted Compost Tea Activator

Extracted Compost Tea Activator

Increase your results by applying ActPak just before compost tea application! Stimulates microbial activity and makes compost tea work better.

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