Education Corner

To save you the time and trouble of surfing all over the Internet for answers to your frequently-asked composting questions, we’ve supplied answers right here. Midwest Bio-Systems’ leadership in the composting industry goes beyond laboratory analysis to actual experience in the field. The experts at Midwest have first-hand knowledge about what works and what doesn’t — these answers are based on that combination of good science and common sense. If you’re still skeptical about what we say, check out what four university studies concluded.

Questions about the Advanced Composting System (ACS):

Why is compost made using Advanced Composting System (ACS) methods superior to that produced by other methods?

Does ACS compost reduce insect pressure on plants?

What are the benefits of ACS compost to the soil?

What role does clay play in ACS compost?

Why is using an Aeromaster Compost Windrow Turner better than:

Static pile composting?

Manure spreading?

Using a loader?

In-vessel composting?

Using a bioreactor?

Using non-Aeromaster equipment?

Questions about the composting process:

I’ve seen in your videos where carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere during composting. Isn’t this a dangerous greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming?

Download Soil Fertility Brochure (PDF format)

How can I make my overall composting process more profitable?

Do fabric covers offer a benefit to the process?

What is the significance of the shape and size of a windrow?

What should I know about windrow temperature?

Can I eliminate odors from the windrow?

Is it worthwhile to use inoculant when composting?

Can I mix MBS composting inoculants directly with litter/manure?

Why should a compost process be aerobic?

How should I interpret 7130 ppm as a sodium result in the Chicken Manure on my feedstock report? Why is the sodium level tested anyway?

Can blood be composted in with residues and manure? Is sterilization necessary?

Questions about using compost:

Why is using composting important in today’s world?

What constitutes high quality in finished compost?

Can high quality compost be used along with fertilizers?

What is humus, how is it formed, and why is it important?

What is a recipe and how is it formulated?

What do I need to know about moisture levels in compost?

Can salt levels be managed or reduced by composting?

Can composting be combined or integrated in some way with a digester, or will digesting kill all the microbial life?

How can applying compost tea AFTER the harvest be beneficial?

How does using manure from pigs that are given Ivomec dewormer affect my compost?

Questions about composting equipment:

What is the importance of drum speed to the process?

How durable is the Aeromaster?

What are the advantages of a retractable drum?

What are the tractor requirements for an Aeromaster pull-type turner?