Roll the Rows

compost site 041614

Today at the compost site…The new rows sat for three days after a 1″ rain Sunday. Today we rolled the two rows 1401 & 1402 to a dry base and watered them.  See attached picture of the rows as rolled before turning.  Temperature of rows was 141° F.  The ground was not dry enough to turn these rows until today.  The key to avoiding anaerobic bases is to “roll” the rows (not push them), so the “wet base” is inverted and ends up on the “top of the row”, so it can dry “ever so slightly” before turning before to avoid packing the material with the turner’s tines.  This is standard procedure after a significant rain event, and otherwise at least every 10-14 days.  This rolling helps avoid anaerobic conditions which can lead to sulfites in your rows which are toxic to plants later on…

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