Composting Solutions for the Smart Producer

A Seminar introducing composting process solutions for your industry that have proven to be both efficient and effective.

Join us for a free seminar on Composting Solutions for the Smart Producer presented by Midwest Bio Systems (MBS) in  your area coming soon.  Learn the keys to expert organic waste composting in this fact-filled, highly educational presentation.

At this seminar you’ll learn about leading edge methodology for producing high quality compost from organic waste materials that often provide difficult environmental challenges for dairies, feedlot operators, farmers, commercial composters, and industrial/organic waste personnel.  By starting with the basics of turning waste problems into black gold, Midwest Bio Systems will aid composting novices and experts alike in ramping up their how-to knowledge with our 20 years of experience helping people around the globe with waste issues.

Who should attend?

  • Dairy Farmers
  • Dairy Consultants
  • Feedlot Operators
  • County Extension Agents
  • Soil Fertility Consultants
  • Commercial Composters
  • Municipalities
  • Industrial/Organic Waste Personnel

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • The basics and benefits of composting
  • Types of composting, what’s effective and what’s not
  • What happens to nutrient availability in composted materials and its uptake in plants
  • Composted material as a soil amendment
  • Why composting process management is so critical for high quality compost
  • Not all compost is created equal (and the income implications of that)
  • How the equipment you use makes a huge difference
  • How MBS can provide waste management solutions for you
  • How MBS can help you reach markets for high quality compost
  • Advanced training and education available through MBS
  • And much more

Add some expert information to your personal storehouse of knowledge and learn how to turn your waste problems into a significant income stream.

Upcoming Seminar Opportunities

Seminars coming soon…check back