What actual users are saying about Aeromaster Compost Turners, Equipment and Midwest Bio-Systems



“Our PT 170 has been a great machine and Midwest Bio Systems, an excellent company to work with. When MBS realized that their PT 170 model had a gear box problem they immediately set out to fix it. We had numerous gear boxes fail on our machine, and every time, MBS got a new box to us quickly and at no cost. Once they had re-engineered the box, they promptly sent out a technician to rebuild our machine and install the revamped gearbox. I was very impressed with the way they handled this issue…Thank you Midwest Bio Systems!Midwest Bio Systems has provided an excellent support structure to our compost operation. They are easy to get ahold of whenever we have questions or problems, their OEM replacement parts are typically less expensive than aftermarket equipment, and their depth of knowledge about compost and soil is remarkable. Whether we are replacing worn parts, creating a new compost blend, or trying to understand the soil biology behind a specific product or field result, MBS has been helpful and knowledgeable. During the 2010 growing season our compost out-performed manure in a side by side field trial by 60 bushels per acre! These results are largely a result of our high quality turner and the patient, helpful, and knowledgable support from the Midwest Biosystems Team. We are looking forward to many more years working with Midwest Biosystems.”

Caleb Spear

“We are certainly pleased with the Midwest Bio-Systems windrow aerator. It is the best single piece of equipment I have ever purchased.”Paul Walker, Professor of Animal Science
Illinois State University

“I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the Aeromaster PT-120, PTO driven compost turner . . . . All these problems have been overcome since the purchase of a PT-120. We have also been very satisfied with your technical and parts assistance on the machine.”Bart Sexton, Oneida County Solid Waste Administrator
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

“If every piece of equipment that I purchased gave me as little trouble as your compost turner, it would be wonderful!”Drew Norman, One Straw Farm
While Hall, Maryland

“We wanted a turner that was a production machine. . . a turner that would get the carbon dioxide out of the windrow while keeping the product oxygenated. . . the drum design handles the compost gently and allows us to build crumb structure . . . . An important feature of the Aeromaster that keeps costs down is its ability to inject the water by the operator in one operation. This machine incorporates water so each particle is well coated — not wasting water. The watering capability has reduced our labor cost by half, while making our operation much more efficient.”Mark Grover, Grover Landscape Services
Modesto, California

“Glendale’s property owners were also impressed with Midwest Bio-Systems’ scientific approach . . . . MBS could quickly monitor compost at all stages of incubation.”Mike Hoyte, City of Glendale
Glendale, Arizona

“The Midwest Bio-Systems windrow turner has been maintenance free for more than three years. Customer and technical support from Midwest Bio-Systems has been excellent and timely.”Julie Smith, Putnamville Institution
Greencastle, Indiana

“The pull-type compost turner produced by Midwest Bio-Systems was originally chosen by Solana Recyclers for their program due to its ability to quickly be made road ready for transporting between sites. The Aeromaster will be the future turner of choice due to its superior compost turning capabilities, reliability, and the excellent factory support from Midwest Bio-Systems.”Rick Hartner, Solana Recyclers
Encinitas, California

“The best organized, and best orchestrated workshop I ever attended.”Craig, Chef’s Garden,
Huron, Ohio

“This is no exaggeration. We are picking between 300 and 400 tomatoes every day! And they are big… and full… and beautiful… and the result of much care and the richest compost known to man (Thank you, Midwest Bio-Systems).”Yesterday Bruce and Lyn took more than 300 to Ministry and More. They are set for the week. We took another 200, plus hundreds of perfect cherry tomatoes and a “peck of peppers” (not yet pickled) to Bromenn to hand out…

“There are more hundreds in the church basement… and oodles just waiting to be picked. And many peppers…”

Bloomington, Illinois

“We have been piling our material in windrows and turning with a loader for three years. Today, we started composting!”Michael D. Snipes
Solid Waste Director
Laurens County Solid Waste Management Authority