3,000 Gallon Water Trailer

Aeromaster WT-3000 is a versatile, four-wheel trailer with water tank, inoculation tank, pump, valves and plumbing for operation with the Aeromaster PT Compost Turners. The Aeromaster Water Trailer hitches to the back of the turner. An electric valve allows for operator control of water on/off from the tractor cab. The operator also has the flexibility of drawing liquid bacteria out of the inoculation tank into the large tank.

These units are also equipped to draw liquid from a stationary water source to fill itself and then pressurize the entire water system, as well as circulate liquid to and from either tank. The plumbing connects to the water manifold equipment on the Aeromaster Compost Turner allowing for even moisture of each particle as it is passed over the drum.

Large Tank Capacity:3,000 Gallons (11,365 Liters)
Inoculant Tank:65 Gallons (246 Liters)
Chassis:4 Wheel Trailer with 4 Wheel Steering
Turner Connection:2" Camlock Fittings
Tubular Steel Frame
Adjustable Height Hitch
Wide Flotation Tires
Connects Quickly and Easily to the Aeromaster Turner