Why are Aeromaster Compost Turners Better?

1. Waste stream management — Aeromaster compost windrow turners make the best use of the main factors of production — time, space, and inputs.

Production cost/ton — Because the Aeromaster compost turner treats every particle, not just large lumps, it requires fewer handling cycles, resulting in lower labor and fuel costs.

Aeromaster PT-170 Compost Windrow Turner

Fuel Requirements — Because the Aeromaster compost turner works gently and efficiently, fuel requirements are lower.

Cycle Time — Because the Aeromaster compost turner applies water evenly, particles get the moisture they need

Land Usage — The Aeromaster compost turner’s shorter cycle time means your material is ready to sell and leave the premises faster, so you have less space required

Space — Because the Aeromaster compost turner operates along the windrows, not between them, less space is wasted on aisles or drive ways

Capital cost — Because of lower power requirements and less required land, less capital has to be spent

Final appearance — Because the Aeromaster compost turner treats every particle, the product has a more uniform consistency and appearance throughout the cycle

Smoother operation — The Aeromaster compost turner re-shapes the windrow towards the ideal on every pass, reducing the need for additional materials management. The Aeromaster is designed to draw itself easily through the windrow, reducing mechanical strain on all equipment. Because it allows vertical removal from the windrow, obstacles are much easier to avoid and work around.

EPA/Odor — Because the Aeromaster compost turner applies moisture and inoculant to the individual particles, odor and other chemical problems are drastically reduced

Waste Reduction Success Story:
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2. You want to go further — if you want the highest quality compost for your own use and/or for resale, Aeromaster turners offer superior design.

Drum speeds — Aeromaster compost turners have variable drum speeds within a low rpm range. Equipment does not make compost — microbes do! So high quality composting is simply based on creating the optimal environment for beneficial microbes to flourish and undesirable microbes to diminish. High drum speeds retard rather than enhance the quality composting process as well as limiting humus formation. Materials need not be propelled against shields (limiting aggregation) or thrown many feet behind the drum. Safety is also an issue here as projectiles can be propelled from the windrow with high speeds.

Hourly cost of operation — clearly affected by drum speeds is hourly cost of operation and downtime. Aeromaster turners have proven to cost less than 1/2 the industry standard.

Volumes —extremely large compost turners can be used to create a high heat environment for pathogen elimination and size reduction. But excessively large windrows reduce oxygen access for the microbes and quality is negatively impacted.

Tine shape and material movement pattern —an ideal turning environment will lift, blend, and aerate compost feedstocks. A key evidence of composting excellence will be O2 and CO2 exchange. What are windrow CO2 levels prior to turning compared to directly behind the turner? Best turning and movement patterns will provide new contact points in the feedstocks for microbial and chemical interaction. Tines should therefore handle the materials gently, moving perimeter materials to the center of the row and center materials to the perimeter. Tines should not cut, shred, or pulverize materials, especially after the first week in the row.

Watering —to create an optimal microbial environment, a turner must be able to apply water evenly throughout the row, rather than only to the perimeter.

Is Midwest Bio-Systems the only turner builder which embraces this composting philosophy? No. The key questions then among turner manufacturers sharing this philosophy are ones of value, durability, and service. Contact us today for this value, durability, and service information.