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Midwest Bio-Systems (MBS) was founded by Edwin J. Blosser to supply the needs of the emerging sustainable agriculture market by providing the best compost windrow turners and other equipment, as well as the knowledge needed to economically implement sustainable, organic growing practices. Midwest Bio-Systems has been instrumental in implementing many sustainable agricultural fertility programs in the U.S. and around the world. Our equipment can be bought through one of our equipment dealers or can be leased through the MBS Leasing Program, as well.

MBS focuses on providing a framework that addresses the physical and biological aspects of soil fertility in addition to the chemical aspect. This framework guides growers in economically implementing successful and profitable sustainable or certified organic agricultural practices. At the heart of sustainable and organic soil fertility programs are compost mineral blends, compost tea, and pure and enhanced microbial cultures. The MBS Aeromaster line of compost turning equipment coupled with the MBS Advanced Composting System (ACS) methodology and supporting microbial inoculants provide compost producers a means to consistently produce high value, highly humified compost.

For those who brew fresh compost tea, the Advanced Composting System line of products is designed to fortify, enhance, and substantially increase the fertility power of fresh compost tea.

MBS periodically puts on ACS Composting workshops where participants are introduced to the science behind composting as well as how to produce, value, and sell humus compost. Learn why our approach and methodology are the best in the business. Learn what others are saying about our equipment and processes.