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 About Humus


Composting is a microbial process. All ingredients must be properly selected and processed for a synchronized and uniform breakdown process. Aeromaster Humus is an organic nutrient-stable humified compost that creates a perfect environment where microbes and plants interact and thrive in a symbiotic relationship.

Through a carefully controlled composting process, Humus is comprised of completely broken down fine organic matter. Traditional compost or manure is often semi-reactive, smelly, and can burn your plants. In addition, traditional compost may contain weed seeds, pathogens or high level of salts or chemicals that have not been rendered insert.

A Humus environment is completely different! Humus enables plant roots to grow deeper, giving them access to more moisture and nutrients in the soil. The result is healthier, more vibrant plants with better resilience and ability to provide incredible yields.

Humus is Better for the Earth!
Humus Compost Contains Live Microbes!

During production, Humus compost breaks apart hard and compacted soils by magnetizing the clay colloids forcing them to separate. The loosely, spongy structure holds more moisture, and allows space for air in the root zone of your plants. When Humus is produced, the windrows are inoculated with special microbes called humifiers.

These humifiers form long carbon chain molecules which stabilizes the compost and any remaining volatiles, while holding nutrients in a plant-ready form. As the windrow matures, the humus chain forms crumb-like structures around the clay particles. This holds the nutrients in anincredible environment that is alive with microbes in what we know as Aeromaster Humus. Aeromaster Humus has the ultimate holding capacity for nutrients.

This improved soil environment enables plants roots to grow deeper, giving them access to more moisture and nutrients in the soil. Overall, Humus users see improved soil tilth, improved moisture control, reduced fertilizer inputs and higher yields. And, one of the greatest benefits is, Humus continues to provide impact in future years!


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How Hard is Your Soil? 

Penetrometer video of Liquid Humus Extract 


The Penetrometer Test
1st time checked Aug. 4, 2020
2nd time checked Oct. 2, 2021
Application rate:
10 gal/acre every 7-10 days
Approx. 10 applications
Compacted or tight soil cannot receive water.

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Humus is NOT a fertilizer, but "side-effects" may include:

Reduced soil compaction
Plant Root Stimulation
Healthier Root Growth
Enhanced and more effective Photosynthesis harvesting more sun into each plant
More resilient pastures & hay fields
Increased yields
Better forage & feed quality

Lower input costs
Less reliance on fertilizer
Less need for pesticides
Less need for irrigation
Healthier livestock
Happier customers
Unhappy fertilizer salesmen
A sustainable future for your farm


Plants use calories from sun energy similar to how people use calories, but in the plant world, it’s a measurement of energy by 1000 calorie units called a kilocalorie. This natural energy comes directly from the sun and is one of the most important factors in your plant’s growth. The more kilocalories your plants can absorb, the better.

The average amount of Sun Energy that shines on each square meter in the US is around 1.6 Million Kilocalories of Energy. The average farmer utilizes 3,000 to 4,000 Kilocalories per square meter per year to grow their crops. Utilizing Midwest Bio-Systems’ humus protein technology, farmers have tripled their amounts to over 9,000 Kilocalories per square meter!

Humus proteins stimulates root tip growth,
which stimulates more photosynthesis and
that causes the plant to utilize more kilocalories of the sun’s energy.


The increased biodiversity and availability of micronutrients to the plant enables it to produce more complex sugars and richer flavor compounds. Whether you’re feeding hay to cows, or vegetables to your children, EVERYONE will notice a difference in the taste!


The humus “red” cup test was performed in Spring of 2023.  

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