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How MBS got into manufacturing Composting Equipment

In 1984, Edwin Blosser was introduced to renewable farming systems; the focus of renewing soils which enhances soil quality and productivity over time. Edwin devoted the next 8 years of his life going through experiential training on how to help farmers implement renewable farming systems.

After the 8 years of training, Edwin began consulting farmers, covering over 18,000 acres in his area. He guided farmers into using multiple effective tools for renewable farming systems. In 1992, he heard of an amazing discovery in Europe, decided to travel abroad and see for himself. Edwin discovered how valuable a tool Humus Compost was.

Humus Compost has a much greater impact in improving soils and productivity, than regular compost. Regular composting loses the majority of the Sun’s energy received in a plant’s growth cycle, when the plant material “composts down” or decomposes.

Edwin discovered Humus compost requires a special type of composting equipment that is able to handle every individual particle of composting material.

Edwin founded Midwest Bio-Systems (MBS) in 1993 to manufacture Aeromaster Composting Equipment for producing high quality Humus Compost, while continuing to guide and supply products to farmers all over the world into higher profitability and long term success.

The MBS Aeromaster® line of compost turning equipment coupled with the Aeromaster Composting System (ACS) methodology and supporting microbial inoculants provide compost producers a means to consistently produce high value, humus compost.

Aeromaster composting equipment offers the best composting equipment on the market. The Aeromaster Composting System enables compost facilities to implement the best practices to produce higher quality compost, faster and more economical than traditional methods. Instead of brewing compost tea, we recommend extracting Humus Compost into a liquid Humus extract; the ACS line of compost tea extraction products are designed to substantially increase the fertility power of compost.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is available to address concerns regarding your compost operation, future plans, and answer any questions about our machinery and methods.

MBS periodically puts on ACS Workshops where participants are introduced to the science behind composting as well as how to produce, value, and sell humus compost. Learn why our approach and methodology are the best in the business. Learn what others are saying about our equipment and processes.