Compost Tea Extraction Systems

Aeromaster Extracted Compost Tea is an economical way to deliver many of the benefits of high-quality compost efficiently and effectively. Extracted Compost Tea produced by the Aeromaster TE-250 or TE-500 is a water-based extraction of the soluble and suspendible minerals, humic substances, enzymes, and microbes from high quality compost. High quality extracted tea is a source beneficial microbes that can add significantly to soil fertility and plant health.

Aeromaster Extracted Compost Tea is made using more compost than can be effectively used in the production of tea using the traditional brewing process, therefore extracted tea typically contains three times the compost solids, enzymes, and microbes per gallon compared to brewed compost tea.

After extraction, the microbes in extracted compost tea are in a dormant state, consuming the oxygen in the water at an extremely slow rate which extends the usable life of extracted tea to typically 2-3 weeks. The comparable shelf life for brewed tea is 24 hours because the microbes are activated during the process and quickly consume the available oxygen in the water. Once the oxygen is depleted, tea quickly becomes anaerobic.

TE-250: 250 gal / half hour (uses 75 lbs. per batch)
TE-500:500 gal / half hour (uses 150 lbs. per batch)
One ton of solid compost typically covers 1-2 acres.
When using compost extract, one ton of humus makes enough tea for 650 Acres @ 10 gal./acre