Compost Workshops & Soil Fertility Workshops

Our compost workshops dig deep into the applied sciences of composting. If you’re just starting out — we show you best methods and practices to get your operation going and how to turn a profit as quickly as possible. If you already run a composting operation — we show you how you can increase efficiency, reduce cycle time and increase your profitability by applying the beneficial solutions from Midwest Bio-Systems to your operation.

 Compost Workshop: The Humus Advantage Workshop

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Whether you’re a farmer or commercial composter, this two and a half day training course will give you the hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge you need to make Humus Compost, the highest quality compost on the market. If you’re a farmer, you will be amazed at how you increase your yields and decrease your fertilizer costs. If you’re a commercial composter, you will learn to make high value, highly marketable compost and you’ll learn how to do it cheaper and faster than your competitors. Length: 3 days Prerequisites: No prerequisites

Upcoming Dates:
June 25-27, 2019 – Sedalia, MO

Learn More about this Composting Workshop….

Compost Workshop: Compost Smarter Not Harder Workshop

At this compost workshop you will learn…

  • - How to increase compost quality
  • - Resolve odor issues whether real or perceived
  • - Effectively manage windrows for predictable results
  • - How to radically reduce turning costs

Upcoming Dates: None scheduled at this time.

Soil Workshop: NEW! *Understanding Soils* Workshop

This workshop will give you an in-depth knowledge of humus compost as it relates to soil fertility. Topics will cover the impact of humus on the soil and the plant, best practices for humus application, and effective humus supplements. You’ll walk away from this workshop with an understanding of how to use humus compost to build soil structure and nutrient richness, prevent weed and insect pressure, and increase yields. This workshop is excellent for growers of all kinds (farmers, horticulturalists, turf management experts, etc.) as well as humus producers who want a better understanding of how to market their product. Length: 1.5 days. Prerequisites: No prerequisites.  Let us know you are interested in this workshop…

Upcoming Dates: None scheduled at this time.

Past compost workshop participants have written:

“I have attended five other composting workshops and seminars. The Midwest Bio-Systems seminar has given me the most answers to my technical questions. The folks at MBS use a systematic approach to composting that I found both essential to making high quality compost and making it on a consistent basis. The thing I liked most was the fact that they took composting from the plant’s point-of-view.”

“Excellent coverage of all aspects — great to be able to see full process in both theory and practice.”

“I was very impressed. My trip paid for itself in the first half-day.”

“I liked the one-on-one treatment you provided, and the interaction with other composters is a good thing. This is a system that works! And I came away knowing how to do it!”

“The best organized, and best orchestrated workshop I ever attended.”