Midwest Bio Systems offers composting workshops for both agricultural and commercial compost operations. We have years of professional experience, and we utilize that knowledge to provide our customers with the expertise needed to run successful compost operations. Our sustainability efforts have prompted us to create these compost profitability seminars to help you improve and effectively increase your compost business’s profits. Our courses are designed to provide you with hands-on experience as well as in-depth knowledge of compost operations and how to make high-quality compost, including humus compost.

We are dedicated to developing long-term relationships with our customers and helping them achieve and improve their business operations. We serve as your partners and your on-site guides throughout the composting process and are there for you 24/7. Our Aeromaster Advantage Workshops are built to provide solutions and education for your most common challenges.

Our compost profitability seminar is a three-day training course that will increase your return on investment and decrease your costs. Our course is focused on educating our customers on how to produce the highly quality compost, including valuable humus compost that is known to have the highest quality on the market. We teach you the benefits of humus compost and the different method of producing it. Our workshops educate you on the proper way of building windrows, monitoring moisture and temperature levels, daily management, sampling rows for lab analyses, evaluating previous build rows, and much more. Our courses are designed to ensure your compost operations’ future success. Our innovative hands-on teaching methods allow you to practice in a real on-site work environment.

Learn more about our Aeromaster Advantage composting for profit workshops and how we can increase your compost operations’ profits. Our top-quality seminars are ideal if you are just starting out or want to further expand your knowledge. Sign- up and join today!