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Everyone has a story of why they started making HUMUS Compost. Greg, along with his brothers, we’re faced with rising costs of inputs, excess manure, and was looking for a way to increase his profits.

Before learning about Humus Compost, Greg Bingham thought all compost was equal. In his first year of using humus
compost, he was able to make over $50,000 extra in one crop. In following years, Greg has steadily watched his yields increase, better soils, and was amazed last year with the water retention during a drought. We invite you to listen to Greg’s video and our TeleClasses and learn why composting with Aeromaster equipment might be the right direction for your dairy!

Humus Composting has shown with the right equipment and technology, you can dramatically lower your vet bills and increase service per cow. 

Midwest Bio-Systems offers live and recorded Teleclasses on various composting topics narrated by Edwin Blosser, owner of Midwest Bio-Systems. Our goal is to explain the science behind Aeromaster Humus and how it can improve your bottom line by managing microbial life. Teleclasses are free, open to everyone, and typically last 30-minutes in length.

Dairy Teleclass: If you would like to learn more about humus composting and how it can increase your dairy profitability, listen to the pre-recorded Teleclass on this page. 

 If you are unable to access the you tube video for the TeleClass, you may utilize our TeleClass line at 712-432-8776 and enter ID. 

Grazing Management For Dairies Using Humus Technology. Sharing ID: 122022#

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