Microbial Inoculation Guidelines

INOCULATION POINTS during the Advanced Composting System (ACS) composting process:

  • Breakdown Phase — Week 1 (use ACS N-Converter)
  • Humus Build-up Phase — Week 3 (use ACS Humifier)
  • Stabilization Phase — Week 5 (use ACS Finisher)

For best results, Midwest Bio-Systems recommends that the inoculants be applied in two “sessions,” two to three days apart for each of the three inoculation points. Each container of ACS Inoculant is sufficient to treat 1,000 cubic yards of material. Use half in the first session. Use the remaining half in the second session.

For each inoculation session, prepare the water and inoculant solution as described below. Then prepare the turner to apply the solution to windrows.

Prepare the water and inoculant solution:

  • Calculate the amount of water to be applied in the turning process.
  • Calculate the cubic yards of material that will be turned.
  • Aerate the water for 4-6 hours to increase the dissolved oxygen levels.
  • Add the appropriate amount of inoculant.
  • Continue aeration for an additional 12 hours. This spurs/facilitates rapid growth of the microbial population. (Note: Aeration times may vary depending on aerator capacity, volume of water aerated, water quality, and water temperature.)

Prepare the turner to apply the water and inoculant solution:

  • When inoculant preparation is complete, adjust the compost turner watering system so that the calculated amount of water plus inoculant is applied in TWO passes through the compost windrow. (This procedure makes dispersion of the inoculant consistent throughout the windrow.)
  • Using the same procedure, apply water-inoculant solution in a second session, 2 to 3 days after the first one.

Download Compost Production Inoculation Brochure (PDF format)