Actpak Extracted Compost Tea Activator

Actpak Extracted Compost Tea Activator

The Biological Solution for Better Crops

The TE500 Compost Tea Extraction System removes the water soluble and suspendable materials from compost to make extracted compost tea. During this process the microbes remain in an inactive state where their oxygen consumption is relatively low which gives the extracted tea a shelf life of 7-10 days.

The materials in ActPak stimulate the microbes in the compost tea to become active and multiply, which is the state most beneficial to the crop on which the compost tea will be applied. Once the microbes become active, their oxygen consumption increases dramatically which reduces the shelf life to less than 24 hours before the oxygen in the compost tea is depleted and becomes anaerobic.

Living plants don’t come from dead soil. Vibrant, flourishing plants come from soil that is teaming with life, but like any ecosystem that life must be in the right balance for plants to gain the ultimate benefit. Providing that balance is what Midwest Biosystems’ ActPak accomplishes.

ActPak is designed to replace chemical fertilizers with an environmentally friendly, biological soil solution. It works best to give plants the benefit of soil bacteria when used in combination with humified compost.

Whether it is used in the field or in the greenhouse, ActPak is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to harness the power of nature for a bountiful harvest.

Just prior to applying compost tea we recommend adding 9 lb. of our ActPak Extracted Compost Tea Activator per 500 gallons of extracted tea. Typical application rates for extracted compost are 10 gallons per acre. Exceptional results have been achieved when the two (2) gallons of liquid fish and one (1) gallon of molasses are applied per acre along with the extracted and activated compost tea.

Other Act Family fertility products available from Midwest Bio-systems:

Act N introduces strong nitrogen fixing bacteria that work to make the soil’s natural nitrogen available to plants so that synthetic nitrogen doesn’t need to be added.

Act Phos releases nitrogen fixing, phosphorus solubilizing bacteria that break down the soil’s phosphorus for plants to use.

Act Foliar is sprayed directly onto plant leaves to release yet another kind of robust nitrogen fixing bacteria to stimulate photosynthesis.

Act N and Act Phos work in the soil to stimulate the earth’s natural biological cycles. They are then applied directly to young plants to insure that the full power of the nitrogen and phosphorous processing bacteria are available to the plants. Act Foliar is then applied directly to a plant’s leaves to stimulate photosynthesis and enable the plant to draw the amount maximum nutrients from the soil.

If you have questions about these products, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to talk to you.

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