Pull-Type Compost Windrow Turner

Windrow Compost Turner

The Aeromaster PT-130 pull-type compost windrow turner is the ideal turner for sites producing up to 10,000 tons of finished compost per season (actual site capacity will vary with the length of the productive season). Its innovative design allows a single operator to aerate, blend, and add water & inoculants in a single turning pass.

The rugged PT-130 is a quality tractor compost turner built from a simple design using heavy duty components to maximize machine life while minimizing required maintenance. Driveline safety is provided by an Auto trip PTO driveline that disengages if it encounters excess stress. When the drive train stops turning, the clutch resets, and turning can restart immediately.

The retractable drum hydraulically lifts out of the windrow in seconds at any time to allow inspection of the windrow inside profile or exit the windrow for any reason. When locked in the vertical transport position, the PT-130 is ready to be pulled down the road to the next location.

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Hood Construction:3" x 5"x 3/16" Tube Steel Frame 12 Ga. Sheet Steel
Drum:3/8" Steel, 132" Long
Tines:(64) Hard-Faced, Bolt-On, Revesible, Abrasion Resistant
Operational Dimensions:Length: 15' Width: 19' Height: 14'6"
Transport Dimensions:Length: 15' Width: 7' Height: 14'6"
Machine Weight:6,560 Lbs
Ballast Weights:Large Box: 7,000 Lbs concrete Small Box: 2,500 Lbs concrete
Operational Weight:16,060 Lbs
Tongue Weight:3500 lb
Trailer Construction:3" x 6" x 3/8" Tube Steel Frame
Trailer Tires:14-Ply 12-22.5 NHS
Tractor Requirements110 PTO HP, 9,000 lb Min weight, PTO 540 RPM, 2 Hydraulic Sets


Horsepower:110 PTO HP
Hitch Type:7,000 lb. (3,200 kg)
PTO:540 RPM 1-3/8" 6-spline
Hydraulics:2 Sets
Min Ground Speed:20 fpm (6m/min)
Transmission:IVT, CVT, Creeper Gear
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