1,775 Gallon Water Trailer

Aeromaster Water Trailers supply Aeromaster Compost Turners with the water and microbial inoculants needed to maximize process efficiency and product quality. The unique water and inoculant supply system facilitates the controlled addition of proper amounts of water applied to each individual particle which helps maintain windrow moisture in the optimum range.

The WT-1775 Water Trailer is built with heavy duty components to maximize trailer life. A 4HP 2″ Standard Honda Gas powered pump or optional 3″ pumps, gas or hydraulically driven, 3″ hoses, and an 8-function valve system provides a high volume and reliable delivery system to the turner.

An optional electric valve allows the flow of water from the WT-1775 to the Aeromaster Compost Turner to be controlled from inside the tractor cab.

aeromaster water trailers


Large Tank Capacity:1,775 Gallons (6,718 Liters)
Inoculant Tank:65 Gallons (246 Liters)
Chassis:2 Wheel Easy-Pull Trailer
Turner Connection:2" Camlock Fittings
Tubular Steel Frame
Adjustable Height Hitch
Wide Flotation Tires
Connects Quickly and Easily to the Aeromaster Turner
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