Composting Seminars

Midwest Bio Systems offers composting seminars, providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve and increase your compost operations. Our workshops teach you and provide you with the resources needed to save money, increase product quality, save time, and create a nutrient-filled soil.

Aeromaster Composting Workshops focuses on teaching the fundamentals, the medium experienced, as well as the more in-depth needs.

Our composting seminars cover a variety of topics and abilities needed to run a successful composting business. Our workshops include composting profitability, how to effectively manage your compost site, and in-depth knowledge of humus compost and soil fertility.

Check out our available workshops below and sign-up today to expand your skillset and effectively understand compost operations.

Available Workshops

Compost Workshop:
Composting Profitably

mid west bio systems workshops

Whether you’re a farmer or commercial composter, this two and a half day training course will give you the hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge you need to make Humus Compost, the highest quality, most valuable compost on the market.

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Compost Workshop:
Work Smarter Not Harder


Learn how to increase compost quality and Resolve real or perceived odor issues. We’ll also teach you how to effectively manage windrows for predictable results and how to radically reduce turning costs!



Soil Workshop:
Understanding Soils

Soil Workshop

Get an in-depth knowledge of humus compost as it relates to soil fertility. Topics will cover the impact of humus on the soil and the plant, best practices for humus application, and effective humus supplements.



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