Aeromaster Advantage Workshop

Topic: Composting Profitably 


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Hands-on Composting Training

This workshop will give you hands-on training at a compost production site that utilizes the Aeromaster Composting System. Visits to the compost site will allow you to practice the composting methods taught in the classroom in a real work environment. This hands-on experience will increase your confidence level and give you the knowledge base you need to produce profitable compost, including humus compost. 

Here are a few composting methods you will practice at the compost site:
  • Getting started, feedstock synchronization
  • Combining rows
  • Evaluating a previously built row
  • Building windrows
  • Monitoring moisture, temperature, and CO2 levels
  • Row turning, addition of water & microbial inoculants
  • Daily management
  • Sampling rows for lab analysis

Whether you’re a farmer or commercial composter, this three day training course will give you the hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge you need to make Humus Compost, the highest quality compost on the market.

If you’re a farmer, you will be amazed at how you increase your yields and decrease your fertilizer costs.

If you’re a commercial composter, you will learn to make high value, highly marketable compost and you’ll learn how to do it cheaper and faster than your competitors.

The goal of the production of Humus Compost through the Aeromaster Composting System (ACS) is not the elimination of a waste stream but the production of compost that will give the soil, and ultimately the plant, the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Focusing on results in the soil instead of waste disposal is a paradigm shift for the composting industry. This composting course will allow you to rub shoulders with the experts who engineered and mastered this technology.

By the end of this training you will have seen each stage of the Aeromaster Composting System and be able to determine if you want to make Humus Compost.

These sessions will be highly interactive and will also include information on production troubleshooting and tips on increasing compost quality without increasing cost.


Topics We’ll Cover At The Workshop:

  • The Basics of Making Compost
  • Introduction to Aeromaster Composting System
  • Benefits and value of producing and using Humus Compost
  • Aeromaster Composting System process
  • How to make the best end product from available materials
  • Life of a compost windrow
  • Composting logistics made easy
  • Aeromaster Composting around the world
  • Humus and soil microbiology
  • Compost Tea study and the use of extracted Compost Tea
  • Detailed comparison of Humus based vs. conventional agriculture
  • A much deeper look into plants, soil parameters and the connection between the two!

You will also:

  • Gain a basic understanding of how plants grow
  • Gain an understanding of optimum soil parameters for maximum productivity
  • Learn how to change soil parameters from being out of balance to back in balance utilizing humus
  • Learn how to increase the profits of growing crops

Here are a few unique features of the Aeromaster Composting System and Humus Compost:

Controlled Process

Every step of the Aeromaster Composting System is highly monitored and highly controlled. These monitoring processes will help you achieve the most consistent results and produce the highest quality compost, known as humus.

Expert Help

You’re never alone in the Aeromaster Composting process. This system is backed up by expert support from the composting consultants at Midwest Bio-Systems. Midwest Bio-Systems offers a full range of training to help you get started and walks with you every step of the way to help you become efficient and profitable.

Microbial Process

Making Humus Compost is a microbial process requiring many different species from many microbial functional groups. The Aeromaster Composting System provides the microbial inoculants necessary for this process.

The Use of Clay

Clay is overlooked as an ingredient in many compost recipes but is an absolutely essential ingredient in the Aeromaster Composting System. You can’t make Humus Compost without clay. Clay is the glue that holds the whole process together.

High Class Machinery

The Aeromaster Composting Process makes use of the best compost windrow turners on the market. The Aeromaster Windrow Turners are equipped with advanced particle management to ensure proper gas exchange, deliver the right amount of moisture to each particle, and maintain nutrients in the windrow.

The higher the quality of the Humus Compost produced, the greater the benefit to the soil and the greater the increase in crop quality and yield – far greater than the results that can be achieved with typical compost.

Producing Humus Compost will bring increased profitability to both the farmer and the commercial composter.




REMINDER – When registering, make sure you select the dates for the workshop you want to attend!

$875 per person (Early Bird end 9/11/2023)
$975 per person (Price after Early Bird)

Receive a $100 discount for each additional attendee from the same company and save 50% if you’re attending our workshop again within the last 2 years.

$200 for any attendee that has attended 3 times or more in the last 36 months

50% discount for any attendee IF you have attended a workshop in the past 24 months – Only $437.50

Qualifying Turner Purchases get 50% of the workshop cost back, plus a 3% workshop discount on equipment

Workshop Schedule
Day 1 –  8am to 5:30pm
Day 2 – 7:30am to 6:30pm
Day 3  – 7:30am to 12:00pm (noon)

Workshop Location
Hosted by: Midwest Bio-Systems
Fairfield A.M. School
29467 425 E St
Tampico, IL 61283

Compost Site
Compost Site:


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