Midwest Bio-Systems offers live and recorded Teleclasses on various composting topics narrated by Edwin Blosser, owner of Midwest Bio-Systems. Our goal is to explain the science behind Aeromaster Humus and how it can improve your bottom line by managing microbial life. If you missed any of the Teleclasses or want to listen again, feel free to call in today – details below!

Teleclasses are free, open to everyone, and typically last 30-minutes in length.

Listen to previously recorded TeleClasses:

1. Dial 712-432-8776

2. Enter Conference ID 48687 #

3. Enter Sharing ID (see below)

Previously Recorded Teleclasses:

1. How MBS started Composting (Edwin’s story). Sharing ID: 121515#

2. Why Compost? Sharing ID: 11916#

3. How Plants Grow Better with Humus Compost. Sharing ID: 21616#

4. Making Money with Humus Compost. Sharing ID: 31516#

5. Harnessing Carbon as Humus: The Essence of Soil Fertility. Sharing ID: 11717#

6. Microbial Delivery of Nutrients. Sharing ID: 20717#

7. Using last year’s fertilizer expenses for growing next year’s crop. Sharing ID: 30717#

8. Factors to consider when purchasing a Compost Turner! Sharing ID: 71720#

9. Things to consider when starting up a Composting Operation. Sharing ID: 81320#

10. 3 Types of Compost. Sharing ID: 62222#

11. 7 Pitfalls to AVOID when Producing Humus Compost. Sharing ID: 72222#

12. Front End Loader vs Turner. Sharing ID: 82322#

13. Sun’s Energy and Kilocalories Part 1. Sharing ID: 90822#

14. Sun’s Energy Part 2. Sharing ID: 100422#

15. Grazing Management For Dairies Using Humus Technology. Sharing ID: 122022#

16. Humus Benefits. Sharing ID: Coming Soon! 

17. Profitability for Commercial Composters. Sharing ID: 42023  

More LIVE Dates Coming Soon! 

To participate in a live Teleclass,

Call 712-432-8773 and enter “HUMUS” 48687 as Pin #

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