Waste Stream Management with Aeromaster Compost Turners

Combining the Advanced Composting System (ACS) with Aeromaster compost turners and other equipment, organic inputs are broken down quickly and thoroughly:— Drum and tine profile and speed maximize the exchange of O2 and COin the windrow— Moisture control system leads to ideal temperatures at every stage of the composting process— Recipe management
program provides guidance on composting feedstocks to supplement the primary
inputs.— The speedy conversion of organics to compost allows more processing in a given space.

Aeromaster Compost Turners improve your bottom line:

• Fewer handling cycles result in lower labor and fuel costs per ton of compost

• Greater efficiency leads to lower fuel requirements

• Even water application across the windrow leads to reduced cycle time
because all particles get the moisture they need

• Less space is required because your material is ready to sell and leave the premises faster. Also, since the Aeromaster compost turner operates along the windrows, not between them (as is the case with a loader), less space is wasted on aisles or drive ways

• Less capital cost because of lower power requirements and less required land for composting

• Improved product appearance because the Aeromaster compost turner treats
every particle, so that the compost product has a more uniform consistency and appearance throughout the cycle

• Better overall operation — The Aeromaster turner re-shapes the windrow towards the ideal on every pass, reducing the need for additional materials management. It is  designed to draw itself easily through the windrow, reducing mechanical strain on all equipment. Because it allows vertical removal from the windrow, obstacles are much easier to avoid and work around. Because it applies moisture and inoculant to the individual particles, odor and other chemical problems are drastically reduced.