Why is the Advanced Composting System better than using a loader?

Criterion: Loader: Aeromaster
Cycle The composting cycle may be completed over a period of 6 to 18 months using a loader. The composting cycle can be completed over a period of 8-10 weeks with an Aeromaster compost turner.
Design Loader is designed for lifting, moving and dumping. Compost turner is designed for composting, thus mixing, blending,
aerating, and watering.
Aeration Aeration is difficult to achieve, even with slow dumping, due to material hanging together while dropping to the ground. A fast dump prevents O2/CO2exchange. With Aeromaster turner, oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange is achieved through all feedstocks in an even and consistent manner throughout the windrow.
Blending Feedstocks cannot be thoroughly blended and mixed with other feedstocks with a loader; this limits the interaction of carbon & nitrogen atoms. With compost turner, feedstocks are evenly blended and mixed with other feedstocks, maximizing interaction of carbon & nitrogen atoms.
Watering Water is typically applied to the outside of a windrow, therefore moisturization is unequal and an optimum microbial environment is only achieved in portions of a row. Water is applied to each particle as the feedstocks are tossed above the compost turner’s drum; therefore moisturization is equal throughout the row, providing an optimal microbial environment.
Movement Feedstocks may be in the same portion of a row week after week. With a compost turner, outside feedstocks are turned to the inside, while inside materials moved to the outside.
Inoculants Loader has no capability to disburse inoculant evenly throughout a row is available. With an Aeromaster compost turner you can add proven beneficial microbes evenly throughout the row.
Frequency With loader, turning is infrequent due to the length of time required to turn. Compost turner can be used frequently, because turning can be achieved in only 25 percent of loader time.
Cycle The composting cycle is completed over a period of 6 to 18 months using
a loader.
The composting cycle can be completed over a period of 8-10 weeks with an Aeromaster turner.
Space Space required is maximized due to the slow process. Piles are frequently built high (contributing to anaerobic conditions) because of space limitations. Space required is minimized because materials can be removed, marketed,
and applied to the soil.
Uniformity Because all areas of a row are not treated uniformly, a homogenous blend
with consistent quality is difficult to achieve.
Because all of a row is treated uniformly, even breakdown and buildup into humus is achieved.