Why Maintaining Your Compost Turner Is Important

Compost is an efficient and inexpensive addition to many commercial farming operations. It’s a great way to use organic waste by turning it into usable soil and nutrients. Composting beyond the hobbyist spectrum, however, requires the right tools. The most important one for many farmers is, naturally, the compost turner. Like any large piece of farm equipment, you must give it the right attention and care to keep it running. Let’s take a look at why maintaining your compost turner is important.

Keep On Track

The most obvious reason why maintaining your compost turner is important is to maintain the all-important schedule at your farm. If a turner breaks down, it adds hours of repair work into your schedule and takes time away from everything else. What’s more, many growers depend on the actual resource that composting produces. If no usable fertilizer is coming out of a compost pile, it can impact field maintenance schedules.

Maintain High Efficiency

Like any other machine, turners have different components and functions. The physical elements that make up your turner define the type of regular maintenance they need. Most heavy work machines need frequent oil changes, greasing, and cleaning to run smoothly. Failing to perform these tasks often results in wasted gas, burned-up oil, and even locked-up components.

Replace or Repair?

Finally, the best argument for maintaining your compost turner is cost. For anyone looking to invest in their first, it’s easy to find affordable compost windrow turners for sale. Anyone who has already invested in a first or even second model may not want to buy a brand-new model until it’s unquestionably time. As such, it’s often cost-effective to purchase parts and components and repair your machine instead.

Repairing may be a lot of work, but anyone with the ability to do so can certainly save money. The trick is to carry out this work yourself or find someone who will. We here at Midwest Bio-Systems sell an array of parts for our various turner models. Reach out today for inquiries about our commercial composting farm equipment and their maintenance needs.